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Cash and Payment Systems Department

Josef Ducháček

Josef Ducháček, Executive Director

  • 321
    Cash Circulation and Payment Media Protection Division
  • 323
    Payment Systems Policy and Development Division
  • 324
    Operational Division Ústí nad Labem
  • 325
    Operational Division Plzeň
  • 326
    Operational Division České Budějovice

Responsible for

  • preparing draft implementing regulations in the money circulation area
  • in cooperation with the General Secretariat, preparing draft legislation on money circulation
  • drawing up explanatory opinions on legal regulations concerning money circulation, including replies to queries from the public
  • elaborating the methodology for managing payments and money circulation in cash and non-cash form
  • managing Czech money reserves, gold and other precious metals, including silver and gold commemorative coins
  • operating payment support systems (the ABO accounting and payment system and the CERTIS interbank payment system), the SKD short-term bond system and the HOB system for cash operations of banks
  • supervising cash circulation
  • coordinating the CNB’s procedures relating to the Treasury
  • protecting Czech banknotes and coins against counterfeiting and the functions of the National Counterfeit Centre and National Analysis Centre
  • producing the designs and parameters of new Czech banknotes and coins
  • supervising money circulation
  • coordinating the holding of courses on the identification of suspected counterfeit or altered banknotes and coins, and awarding certificates to course participants
  • coordinating the testing of devices for processing domestic banknotes and coins, including preparing outputs for mandatory data releases
  • carrying on operational activities in units in Ústí nad Labem, Plzeň and České Budějovice, particularly in the area of:
    • maintaining accounts and making payments for CNB clients, including cash operations on those accounts
    • providing compensation for damaged banknotes and coins and exchanging invalid and worn out banknotes and coins
    • selling commemorative coins and numismatic material to the CNB’s contractual partners